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Being Your Long Term Video Production Partner

Film, TV and Video Production

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At Miniflyx, we take pride in delivering exceptional film, video and television production services throughout the country. Our team of skilled professionals are dedicated to bringing your creative vision to life with an unwavering commitment to quality. Our premium video production services set us apart, and we’re always striving to elevate the standards of production.


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SnackTV® Food Network

a Miniflyx Company

SnackTV® Food Network (Chop Sugar)
SnackTV® Food Network (Chop Sugar)
SnackTV® Food Network (Chop Sugar)
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There is no limits to what Miniflyx® can do for you. We are the official production company for the Snack TV®  Food Network. From pre-production to post. Our experienced staff can produce the best results for business or for pleasure.

Meet the Pro's
Tre "Sykamoe" Williams

(Gulf Coast)

Tre "Sykamoe" Williams
Angel Gonzalez

Cinematographer (West Coast)

Angel Gonzalez
Matthew Carpentier
Cass Bastain

Videographer/Audio (West Coast)

Cass Bastain
Alan Mash of MiniFlyx TV

Cinematographer/Drone Pilot (West Coast)

Alan Mash
Miniflyx Logo

Production Manager (Gulf Coast)

Matthew Carpentier

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