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1918 New

1918 Pandemic

Historical documentary about 1918 Swine Flu or Spanish Flu and the role of World War I in spreading the disease among troops making it into a worldwide plague of devastating proportions. The video covers where it began, how and where it spread, the symptoms, how it affected America and whether it could happen again. The [...]


What does a man, a woman, ice cream, chewing gum, dog food, beer, and a lot of other things have in common? Commercials. WRITER/DIRECTOR: Ben Callner PRODUCER: Adam Callner DP: Doug Chamberlain PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Christian Stone EDITORS: Ben Callner, Joe Kell, Alex Pirrone, Ben Suenaga PRODUCTION COMPANY: Raucous Content POST PRODUCTION: Friendshop COLOR CORRECT: MPC [...]
The Bumbry Encounter

The Bumbry Encounter Listen to the commentary here: The year is 1961. Jackie and Terry Bumbry are a mixed race couple who have a paranormal encounter with a bright light in the sky while driving near Mount Shasta. They report their experience to local law enforcement, who bring in a psychologist to assess the situation. But [...]
Hot Dog

Hot Dog

A group of coworkers try to rescue a dog trapped in a hot car. Chaos ensues in a single shot. Writer/Director: Patrick Muhlberger Producer: Sarah Haber – Vivian Johnson Director of Photography: John Veleta Assistant Director: Andrew Adams Editor: Joshua Cole Steadicam: Gio Barot 1st AC: Adam Marquez Production Audio: Dan McCoy Music: [...]


Dave (Will Merrick) struggles to keep his Tourettes on the down low while on a date with Jess (Emma Mackey) but he’ll learn that keeping his Tic hidden may not be the best plan and he’ll have to learn the hard way to ‘watch out, Tic is ALWAYS about’. 0
Sleepwalk – Short Film by Filipe Melo

Sleepwalk – Short Film by Filipe Melo

A man goes on a journey for a slice of apple pie. Premiere on Short of the Week – April 1st Written and Directed by Filipe Melo Producer – Sandra Faria – Força de Produção Starring – Greg Lucey, William Knight, Durant McLeod, Joy Green, Gwen Van Dame, Dennis Bull Line Producer – Carlos [...]
Side Effects – Short Film

Side Effects – Short Film

A short horror film exploring a character’s inner demons. After the loss of his mother, Wes Rollins agrees to the human trials of a drug said to cure depression. Side Effects to which may include some terrifying consequences… Written by: Cohl Echols Directed by: Jacob Cipriano Mendez Starring Zeke Gordan & Alethea Varner Monster Design: [...]
TRUST (2020) Part 1 | Drama Short Film | MYM

TRUST (2020) Part 1 | Drama Short Film | MYM

TRUST tells a story of power, love and betrayal. Deep within London city, Aaron Carvali, an intelligent drug-dealer seeks wealth from a ruthless individual, “The Connect”. As fate plays its part in an unforgiving ultimatum, he finds out what it means to trust and be trusted. ✍️🎬Written & Directed by @cushberlyn 🎭 Starring: @cushberlyn @iamandreamartinez [...]
A father slaps a disobedient child. Then a bystander threatens to report him for abuse. | Discipline


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What Older Adults Need to Know about COVID-19

What Older Adults Need to Know about COVID-19

COVID-19 prevention tips for older adults presented in American Sign Language Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy: This video can also be viewed at 0