Clowns & Robber’s

Our feature length adaptation of “Clowns & Robbers” is now streaming on Youtube and Amazon:

"Clowns & Robbers" Full Movie (2018) Independent Film - Heist Comedy - 4K

Marvin hates his job as a birthday clown until a group of incompetent robbers recruit him for their next heist.

Official Selection 2014 Kansas City Film Fest
Official Selection 2014 New Orleans Wizard World Film Festival
Official Selection 2013 New Orleans Film Festival
Official Selection 2013 Louisiana Film Prize Top 20

Based on a feature length screenplay by Evan Falbaum

Evan Falbaum -- Writer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor
Erica Callais — Producer
Ben Clancy — Composer
Calvin O’Neal Jr. -- 1st Assistant Director
Keith Shively -- Production Sound
Renee Boswell -- Hair & Make-up
Jack Lynch -- Special Effects
Susan Falbaum -- Costumes/Craft Services
Austin Landry -- Production Assistant

Chris DeGueurce — Marvin
Mitch Landry — Leonard
Chris Cooper — Pete
Erica Callais -- Georgia

Shot on Red Scarlet-X


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