:DRYVRS Ep. 2 “Bob’s Direction Home” starring Rosanna Arquette, Tom Petty & Jack Dishel

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Starring Rosanna Arquette and Tom Petty, this installment finds series writer/creator Jack Dishel tangled up in a serious case of mistaken identity. Mix in a mind-altering substance and you’ve got yourself a situation where anything can happen – including an appearance by rock legend Tom Petty. Make sure to watch until the very end for the easter egg…

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Created and written by:
Jack Dishel

Directed by:
Jack Dishel
Kerry Harris

Produced by:
Jack Dishel
Kerry Harris
David Zonshine

Rosanna Arquette
Tom Petty
Jack Dishel
Dhani Harrison

DP: Logan Schneider
Additional Cinematography: John Thomas Connor

Editor: Eric Argiro
2nd Editor: Andrew Doga

Business Inquiries: David Zonshine, dzonshine@stonelettermgmt.com

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