Hot Dog

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A group of coworkers try to rescue a dog trapped in a hot car. Chaos ensues in a single shot.


Patrick Muhlberger Unleashes the Chaos of Well Meaning Idiots in His Frenetic One-Shot Comedy Short ‘Hot Dog’

Writer/Director: Patrick Muhlberger
Producer: Sarah Haber – Vivian Johnson
Director of Photography: John Veleta
Assistant Director: Andrew Adams
Editor: Joshua Cole
Steadicam: Gio Barot
1st AC: Adam Marquez
Production Audio: Dan McCoy
Music: Mark Hadley
Prop Maker: Bryan Fulk
Post Audio: Joshua Suhy
Visual Effects: Jared Potter
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli
Post Producer: Brittany Carson
Production Assistants: Justin Cordua – Max Look

Matt: Elisha Yaffe
Christina: Marissa Rivera
Sean: Gabe Gibbs
Grace: Vic Michaelis
Security Guard: Gregory Wallace
Norman: Nathan Ramos
Callie: Cecily Breaux
Tough Guy: Andrew Crabtree
Wrong Guy: Greg Gallant
Hey King: Alex Miyawaki
Hey Queen: Ashley Arlow
Hot Dog: Shelby

Vivian Johnson
Kelly Nelson
Tara Parian
Sean Preston
Wyatt Rogowski
Brad Woolf

Panavision Woodland Hills
Mike Carter
Greg Gallant
Nathan Ramos
Jordan Moncada
Francesca Lynn
Amanda Widoniak
Joel Ehninger
Adam Shepard
Emilie Flynn
Andrea Sczensy
Jonny Look
Kaitlin Beauchemin
Matthew Gustafson
Mark Evans
Ben Redmond
Kailee McGee

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