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The Paper Boy (2015), a story by Aniket Mitra, definitely awarded with glory it has backed at different platforms, difficult to count on fingers, deserves it all. A 15 minute movie, delving into this harsh world, has brought to focus what hours couldn’t have, that too without a single dialogue.The mouth piece of the writer is ofcourse the Boy, “The Paper Boy”, an orphan, who sells newspapers and also works at a tiny tea stall. The story definitely revolves around him, but is actually a reality check to the gloom sprouting on the shore of a river in the city of Joy, Calcutta. Set in the Old and lesser known lanes of Calcutta, in winters, it not only describes the Lost Spring, but widens the picture of an orphan boy, struggling to survive, with no food, money, shelter, warmth and dreams never to take a flight.
The appearance of the boy – no better than a “paper seeming boy”, sets the mood of the viewer and develops a sort of pity for him.

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