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»The AI revolution was supposed to set us free. Of course, a lot of people couldn’t contribute to society anymore, so they got rid of them. The only thing the machines couldn’t do was to create true art. They kept the scientists, the philosophers, the artists. They kept me…«

Max, a failed musician in a hostile society has to improve as an artist every month to avoid a horrible fate. One day Max finds the prototype of a new kind of AI, that can make him and his artist friends irrelevant due to its powers. He uses it to create the perfect hit song and the whole world goes crazy (what’s left of it anyway) and Max becomes a Mozart of his time.

After winning more than 100 international awards for his creative work, Swedish show runner Karl Thyselius has invented the strikingly original music science fiction drama Secret Chord. The first short film will premiere in 2019, and a feature film is coming next year.

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