Times Like Dying

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Three brothers rob a bank in the post civil war south. Exhausted and on the run they unwittingly find their only shelter at the small farmhouse of a sickly US Marshal. Tensions escalate and lives are lost as greed, lust and malice squander any chance of a clean getaway in this slow-burn western.

“BEST SHORT” – Beaufort International Film Festival
“BEST WESTERN” – Bare Bones Film Festival

See BTS pics and follow the film at timeslikedying.com.

“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” courtesy of Beta Radio (betaradio.com)
Filmed with Arri Alexa (RAW) and Arri Ultra Primes

CREDITS (for full list of credits visit imdb.com/title/tt3477742/):

“Times Like Dying” is a Circle Street Motion Pictures, Lighthouse Film Company (lighthousefilms.com) & On Giant Shoulders Production, LLC.


Jim Cody Williams as Percy
Anthony Reynolds as Shepherd
Cullen Moss as Lonzell
Myke Holmes as Wadell
Robert C. Treveiler as Amos
Fidias Reyes as Miss Ledbetter
Peter Jurasik as Bank Manager
Jane McNeill as Bank Teller


Exec. Producer/Writer/Actor: Anthony Reynolds
Producer/Writer: Shon Blotzer
Director/Producer: Evan Vetter
Director of Photography: Brad Walker – lighthousefilms.com
Co-Producer: Jessica Donnheimer Woodbury
Editor/Sound Editor/Jesse Andrus
Art Director: Jennifer Singletary
Costume Designer: Keith Taylor
Music: Lee Hester, Ben Mabry & Brent Holloman (betaradio.com)
Production Sound: John Skoglund
Gaffer: Jon Ladd

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