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19 Great Ways to Brainstorm Short Film Ideas

By #Indiewire

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There are three things in film industry that are different than they were when I started Raindance in 1992:

– In the early ’90s, every film was shot on expensive celluloid. Now it’s all shot on digital.             – Back then, films were distributed in cinemas and broadcast television. Now internet distribution rules supreme.     – When I started Raindance, I bought expensive newspaper and magazine ads. Now it’s all web ads.

Everyone is screaming for content today: Visual content. The other fact is that people’s attention spans are dropping, meaning that short films get the kinds of eyeballs that feature filmmakers dream about.

An understanding of short film idea generation is almost a carte blanche to becoming known as a filmmaker of short films with the kind of pedigree associated with Oscar-nominated feature filmmakers. What is more, your short films can be seen by a huge number of people. 

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