The Rising – Post-Apocalyptic SciFi Short Film

THE RISING is a post-apocalyptic science fiction short film from Berlin. After its initial release in August 2012 the film went on a festival tour around the world for one year and subsequently was released online for free.

2057. More than 25 years have passed since the incident destroyed the planet’s atmosphere. The survivors took refuge in shelters, buried deep into the ground. At surface level LE-E-003976 is gathering data and samples of the toxic environment. To this day he has never come across a single human soul on his predefined path through the bleak wastelands. But today LE-E is not alone.

Director: Sebastian Mattukat
Writers: Sebastian Mattukat & Tobias Voigt
Producers: Mario Koch and Claudio Gasperi & Tobias Voigt
Director of Photography: Jakob Ebert, BVK
Editor: Anne Kristina Kliem, BFS
Music & Sounddesign: Tobias Voigt
VFX Supervisor: Frank Hinrichs
Grading: Stefan King

Lee: Leander Modersohn
Soldier (Leader): Christoph Drobig
Soldier 2: Floris Asche
Soldier 3: Julian Seiffert


About The Author

Zelda W Hey people I am Zelda from Sweden. I am learning to ropes of filmmaking. I just started a new job with Dreamworks Studios. I'm pretty excited. Hope to connect with great minded people.

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